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walk out of your mind

into your heart retreat

a gentle exploration beyond the horizon of the mind
with yoga, hikefulness & circle sharing
*may 4-9th / may 18-23th / 2020*

Ibiza, Spain


for who ?

This retreat is for everybody who feels ready for transformation. For those adventurers that choose to live more attentive and feel deeper in the moment: that love yoga but don't have to be a pro, that love to dive into nature to connect with silence and beauty. For those who want to experience the nurturing Ibiza sun, sea and purity and are open for authentic sharing in circle.

Green hidden-away valleys welcome us on our hike. The scent of fresh figs, flowers and oranges spreads a dark musky aroma, as we aproach the eternal source: a unique sanctuary with age old canals giving water and life to the valleys below. Our attention has dropped once again, we are ready for meditation after this magic silent exploration of pure Ibicencan undiscovered countryside. Sit still, breathe the air, breathe this new life into your lungs and fill yourself with gratitude for so much beauty and love.


After the walk out of your mind retreat you :

- Have transformed parts of your stuck patterns, core unworthiness and blind spots into more awareness and more joy, through authentic sharing in circle

- Feel more inspired, more alive and confident to master those parts in your life where you held back, lacked confidence & vision. You walk away with tools to take leadership in those fields like relationships and work

- Feel more embodied

- Had a magical recharging time with nurturing sun, sea, healthy food & silence: a cleansing of body and mind and  a break from daily patterns that cause you stress and worry.
- Allow more and more space for a process of growth, insight and self acceptance

- Experience a natural movement from feeling isolated and contracted towards expansion and a longer lasting openness of the heart and feeling deeper in the moment
- Made wonderful connections with like minded friends in a pure and magical place, sharing laughter and tears, relaxation and healing time, transformation and openness


Powerspot: Es Vedra
this retreat is for

- people that are open for authentic sharing in circle, that are willing to explore their vulnerability

- people that are willing to let go of old habit patterns, old conditioning, people that won't run away when they hear words like: sharing, transformation, energy or resistance
- people that are willing to experience something new
- people that love sun, sea and freedom, that know Ibiza or want to get acquainted with the island of transformation.
- people that long for connecting on a deeper level in a safe and nurturing environment
- People that can share silence for half an hour with others
- people that can hike for 3 hours without physical problems
- Yoga beginners, intermediate or even slightly advanced
- people that want to connect to their playfulness
- that feel excited and nervous at the same time when signing up for this retreat

this retreat is NOT for

- people that love their comfortzone so much that even the slightest resistance scares them to death
- People that rather stay the same all the time
- people that are stuck in victimhood: everything around you can be blamed for the problems that are piling up: life just generally sucks and that won't change
- People that hate adventure
- people that doubt wether they can hike more than 30 minutes without getting bored or tired
- people that love to be defensive and negative most of the time

Het Programma



General daily program (times & program subject to change depending on length of the hike and weather)

  • 07.30 Guided meditation

  • 08.00 Yoga and/or body activation practice (incl. laughter yoga

  • 09.00 Breakfast

  • 10.00 Walk into your heart circle, powered by HEART IQ (tm)

  • 12.30 Lunch & free time (or take away picnic) 

  • 14.00 Hike

  • 19.00 Dinner

  • 20.30 Free time

Wednesday free day

(except for morning meditation, breakfast and sunset Yoga session & dinner in front of Es Vedra)

- Your hosts Lucien & Kasia want nothing more than for you to feel at home in a warm, safe and nurturing space

- You sleep in the monastery built by father Palau. He lived on Es Vedra for 5 years from 1856-1861, and after that experience, he founded the monastery with the aid of the Carmelite order and locals. The Nuns still live and pray in the monastery and welcome you with open arms.

- You will be served the best healthy food that is not only made with tons of love but also with local ingredients.

- Enjoy hikes that bring you to places that the best guides of Ibiza can't find, to get you in touch with the authentic soul of the island in its purest form

- That also offers a container to slowly disentangle some of your  'stubborn' mind conditioning and invite you to gently but literally step out of your comfort zone

- Silent time in meditation and during the hikes creates space to connect with what's moving inside of you

- Take practical tools home with you to integrate your expanded self into your daily life

- Before and after the Es Vedra rooftopyoga session: cars and people pile up just before sunset time on the sunset platform further away...you, however, will be hanging out in the hammock, on the roof or on one of the many intimate corners of the balcony to merge with the sun beyond the horizon of your mind into bliss and peace.


The benefits of this retreat are
more joy and aliveness
By coming on this retreat,  you give yourself the birthright of self- exploration, love and attention in a nurturing and safe space with inspiring people. By accepting who you are, as you are, without making yourself wrong, you will expand your capacity for joy.
Through the authentic sharing in circle, you will feel more alive and connected to your heart. Through yoga and breathwork you will release tension, worries and stress from your body, creating more space inside, to embody who you want to show up as in life.
And through hikefulness you get the chance to connect with the beauty of nature and the stillness inside of you to integrate it all, bringing more clarity into your life.
We further provide tools for a longer lasting process by offering coaching and/or breathwork sessions after the retreat, or advanced hikefulness sessions with discount when you come back to Ibiza. Our intention is for you to not only have a magical experience here but to integrate this energy and expanded awareness in your daily life at home and to share it with your loved ones.    


Every subscriber will receive the novel 'The Wisdom Keeper' written by host Lucien Lecarme. This exciting storyline will lead you via a walkabout in the Australian desert to Ibiza in 2021. A book about transformation and empowerment, touching the magic of Ibiza... a great preparation for the retreat!


are you starting to vibrate with this ?

meet the team

Kasia Patzelt

Over the last 12 years I’ve worked in 5 different countries helping hundreds of people release physical and emotional tension in their bodies, allowing themselves to express their authentic self and step into a sovereign and purposeful life. My passion is empowerment through embodiment. I believe that only if we embrace and honor our whole being, the mind/body connection, can we truly reclaim our human potential of love, happiness and harmony.

What I do know for certain: We are creatures designed for happiness and well being. We are energy beings with the potential to create and heal.. We are powerful. We are wise. And we are here to awaken to our true purpose- stepping into a life of alignmet with nature and soul.


Kasia Patzelt

Lucien LecarmeLucien is the author of the future novel 'Krachtplek' and hikefulness coach on Ibiza (mindfull walking). He is living now more than 5 years in front of powerspot Es Vedra and has developed the faculty of tuning in to the strong, pure and intensifying energy of this place. His mission is to share this portal to anybody open to it. He started organizing concerts, workshops and now retreats in his Villa. In Holland he gives occasionally coaching workshops. You can book a private sessions from 3 hours up to 3 days of hikefulness: to walk yourself out of your mind back into your heart again!  www.hikingibiza.nl

'One of my strongest passions now is to share the beauty of natural Ibiza and all it got to offer. So i decided to offer guided walks all season in Ibiza, mindful walking (that i call Hikefulness!) and retreats with the main focus on raising awareness, increasing your vibration and connecting & simply celebrating the moment !'

Lucien Lecarme

Anneke van Bokhoven

Anneke van Bokhoven

What makes you happy?
Where Anneke is, is presence and pleasure. Her secret? Working on her deepest calling to connect people inside out just floods her heart with joy. From the age of 21, Yoga and Massage have been a daily enrichment for Anneke. Her passion now is to share this in a loving way by her teachings and massages
With six years of experience on the path of teaching yoga and massage she’s an experienced, enthusiastic, and loving teacher with an incredible knowledge base and a strong capacity to hold a safe space for learning.
She has the ability to teach multiple variations of yoga.


Accomodation, prices & how to subscribe

Close to the Villa, we find the Monestary of Es Cubells. Founded by father Palau who lived several years in a cave on Es Vedra. The monastery is now a spiritual centre run by nuns from the Carmelite order. The rooms have turned into practical sober clean rooms with just the basic necessities. So don't expect any luxury! We offer basic rooms with the toilet and showers shared (There are 4 showers & toilets, on average 1 shower for 2 people). The sober design will contribite to the focus on your inner journey this week.  All rooms have nice views, some seaview and some Hillview. With good weather, we practice Yoga in the roof of the villa, with bad weather we stay in the monastery for Yoga.


Single room monestary with shared shower & toilet  €695,-

Summery content Retreat
- accomodation
- breakfast/lunch/dinner ( 3 dinners after 3 hikes in restaurants are not included)
- 5 nights in the Monastary
- Intention workshop & sharings
- 4 hikes, included one morning sunrise hike
- each morning Yoga sessions & meditations

optional (not included)
- airport shuttle service ( 25 euro single way)
- massage
- Cacao ceremony
- music Jam
- sunrise Hike & yoga on location
- laughter Yoga session
- mantra singing


To subscribe to the retreat, please full in the contact form on the bottom of this page. You than will receive the payment info. In the for you also can ask all the questions you still may have. By paying the 100% pre-payment, your place is secured ! When we receive your payment/reservation, we will sent you the conditions, including the cancellation policy. For you it's good to know that the past 2 years, no Ibiza Powerspot Retreats have been cancelled. We accept max. 10 participants, and keep you updated on the amount of subscribers. We make a limit to the amount of participants, to ensure enough attention to each participant.

Joyce Malka

Thank you so much for such inspiring time. We had a very good week with hikes & yoga at stunning locations. My purpose was to find relaxation through being active. And then i was pleased to find so much more along the way, including spontaneous mindful exercises to increase attention to being in the moment


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